01 nardisteeringThe secret of Nardi steering wheels: a perfect mix of technology and quality

... When I hold one of my father's steering wheels, I feel like I have a little piece of art in my hands, something that speaks to the heart ... (R. Grosso Nardi)

Wood or leather and aluminium: these are natural and technical ingredients for the most famous steering wheels of the world!

Their creation is a vocation, born by Enrico Nardi's personality; he wanted his cars to have a perfect technique but also a beautiful look. To him it was impossible not to consider the wheel, that part of a car where the ability of a driver is focused on, one of the main supports of will and perfection. The wheel is linked to the hands. Therefore to arms, heart and brain. And so to everything is needed to take decisions, to express ourselves with respect to our personality, our courage and our life-style.

Born on racing cars, Nardi's wheels are then used on Gran Tursim and high level cars, bringing all the typical advantages of the racing cars, like lightness and essentiality.

Today a Nardi steering wheels is:

  • A choice of quality: Nardi steering wheels offer all the pleasure coming from a direct contact with high level materials (natural leather or precious wood finished by hand).
  • A choice of design: The Nardi range allows to choose the steering that suits each own car and personality. Both sporty, classic, ergonomics, always!
  • A choice of comfort: Different for concept, personality, Nardi steering wheels are also different in their "grip" which offers the best comfort. To every driving style corresponds indeed a different functionality for the grip. A Nardi steering wheel is a classic, something very close to perfection in this field. Time goes by, but a Nardi steering wheel remains a dream!

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